WUNH blames lack of local music support on low student interest

WUNH, University of New Hampshire’s student run and only radio station, is known for playing genres and artists that are underrepresented in mainstream media. This means that many of the songs the station plays come from local and Seacoast area bands and musicians.

Despite its dedication to serving lesser-known artists, WUNH’s music director, Sean Riley, shares similar views with Heads and Tales about Durham’s music scene: there really isn’t one.

“We help the local music as much as we can. The problem is the overall music taste at UNH, frankly, sucks,” Riley said. “It’s a real challenge. We’ve had to focus our efforts to off campus things.”

Every year, WUNH hosts the Hi-Fi Music Festival. It celebrates the end of the academic year by brining in as many local bands as it can to play hours of live music.

But this is the only on-campus event that the radio station hosts. WUNH is currently working with the Stone Church in Newmarket, N.H. When the church brings in acts to perform live, the station has permission to occasionally broadcast the performances.

Even though the station has to focus on neighboring towns in order to be successful in promoting local music, Riley wishes that the campus offered more opportunities. He blames most of the lack of musical awareness on the students low interest level.

“I have no idea why nobody on this campus wants to go do anything,” Riley said. “It’s something we’ve discussed in trying to create shows of our own.”

WUNH has beent trying to listen to what students want. DJs were added to the roster at last year’s Hi-Fi event, but according to Riley, it barely raised the attendance level.

“It’s a swing and miss overall with doing things on campus because no one is really interested in it, unfortunately,” he said.

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